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Create the thriving marriage you deserve, no matter the current state of your marriage.

Marriage isn't always easy; in-fact, it can be downright difficult at times.

We get it. We've been there.

And, there is good news.... and there's also good news.

The good news is that an incredible marriage is within your reach, today.

And... the other good that it's was easier than you and everyone else wants you to believe.

Marriage coaches Austin and Rachel Holt have developed a broad range of marriage growth tools with a proven track record of helping people just like you create a thriving and powerful marriage. They are endorsed by some of the world's top experts in relationships, psychology, therapy and more, and are available to you. 

Imagine, just for a moment: A God-honoring marriage that never stops growing in grace, love, support, intimacy, fun and integrity.


If you're ready to quit the mountain/valley style marriage, and enter into a marriage that flows and thrives, we're ready for you.


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Once you complete the introductory "Foundations Course" you'll unlock access to join our VIP Monthly program, which includes:


Live Coaching, Q&A's

Twice a month, Austin and Rachel go LIVE with any and all couples who want to join in on the action. During those live video chats, they dive deep into their own marriage(showing couples like YOU how they work out THEIR marriage tangles), and use those same techniques with any other couple who wants to participate too.

There's typically time for raw Q&A as well where you get answers to all of your deepest marriage questions. *Live sessions are recorded so you can watch them later as well!*


Weekly Marriage Boosters

Every month, Austin and Rachel will send you (4) Marriage Boosters. These are powerful, simple and easy to implement marriage boosting techniques for you and your spouse. Boosters include:

  • Emotional & Self
  • Creative & Adventurous
  • Sexual
  • Spiritual

Imagine every month receiving 1 method to boost each of those areas of your marriage!


Guest Expert Trainings

Every month, Austin and Rachel seek out experts from around the world, and hire them to produce an EXCLUSIVE training for BMM Members only.

They believe it's important that a variety of perspective and expertise are given in the program so your marriage can grow in numerous ways, from numerous angles.

This approach is based on combining the different styles of marriage counseling and making a transformational connection.


Online Courses

Some of us love to use that left brain when we learn. So, Austin and Rachel have included powerful courses they've written for you to take online, or simply print and enjoy going through them like you would a good book.

These courses include simple, powerful and easy to implement action items and areas of reflection, so you can grow your marriage and grow YOU as. Without action there is no reaction.

We want you to thrive!


Community Support

For those who want the additional benefit of community, Austin and Rachel have created and maintain a private community for all members of BMM to join IF THEY WANT.

Some couples like to go through marriage growth alone, and some like to learn from the experience of other couples. Sometimes, it's nice to know that there are other couples out there who are going through what you're going through too. We encourage engagement you never know what kind of couple friends you may make.


The Library of All Past Content

Yes, you read that right.

As a member of BMM, you get access to every LIVE Q&A, guest expert training, Marriage Booster and Course we've ever produced. This library is valued at thousands of dollars, and every piece of it could help you turn your marriage around today.

Even if your marriage is awesome we want it to stay that way. We beleive that connection is the key.

If ALL that happened by joining BMM was you enjoying a connected, fulfilling and intimate marriage...Would it be worth a try?

What if we take all the risk for you?  If you join BMM and show up 100%, and within the first 30 days your marriage hasn't changed in HUGE ways for the better, you get all of money back, no questions asked.


Questions? Check out our F.A.Q below or email us at:

  • Q: What kind of couples do you work with? Who is this for?

    A: Our typical customer is a highly driven Christian couple, who sees the value in investing in their marriage as a way to honor God, honor their kids, their community and themselves. We have worked with countless couples of all (even 70+ ages). 

  • Q: I am busy, will I have time to "keep up"?

    A: Yes, you can utilize any of the trainings and resources of BMM at your own pace and schedule. If you're committed to seeing your marriage grow and thrive, BMM will find a natural place at the top of your priority list! 😉

  • Q: What do you teach on?

    A: We focus a huge amount of time and energy talking about emotional intelligence, communication, transparency, appreciation and personal healing. We believe that 95% of marriage "issues" are born directly from the unhealed and unloved places inside each spouse. Healthy teammates make a healthy team! 

  • Q: Is this a "Christian" program?

    A: Rachel and I(Austin) are very devoted Christians, and the basis for our core values stem from the Christian faith. We believe those values, along with how God designed the human psyche, mind, heart and body reveal the core paths to finding deep personal healing and a co-commited, co-creative, and powerful marriage. 

  • Q: What if my spouse isn't interested in working on our marriage?

    A: That's okay. We've had a ton of individuals join and bring their spouses in down the road! It's a great way to show them you are willing to go first when it comes to investing in your marriage, and becoming responsible for what you bring to it. 

  • Q: Our marriage is already pretty good - will we gain anything?

    A: Even better. We don't believe you have to be sick to focus on the health of your marriage. It gets better as it gets better, always. 

  • Q: How do we do all the trainings?

    A: As soon as you join, you'll receive an email with a custom log-in to your very of BMM Dashboard. There, you can access all the trainings, and track your progress in each of them! It's a platform we built based on the feedback of tons of couples in our program.

Really, what are you waiting for? Let's do this.

Disclaimer:  Though having received training by licensed counselors and therapists, Austin and Rachel Holt are NOT licensed counselors or therapists. They do not guarantee any results from the use of the products and programs. You hereby release Austin and Rachel Holt, as well as Because Marriage Matters from any and all liability as it relates to the use of their products or programs.