Speaking Opportunities: If your Church, life group or marriage ministry is looking for a fresh perspective on Biblical marriage connection, healing, vitality and more, look no further than bringing Austin and Rachel out to speak – live or remote.

“Marriage Night” Workshops: Austin and Rachel create custom workshops that are 100% interactive, engaging and exciting. Couples will be on their feet, connecting like never before in no time.

Connection Cards Workshops: Austin and Rachel facilitate “game nights” using their Connection Cards and will monitor the room and help couples get through conversation glitches that may come up. These are very fun, interactive and effective!

The Foundations Course: Austin and Rachel have produced a “done for you” 6 week marriage program called “Foundations”. Centered around Biblical values and proven relationship strengthening techniques, in this program couples will learn:

  • How to identify the core values their marriage stands for.
  • A vision statement for their marriage.
  • Agreements which help shape day to day success in their marriage.
  • How to appreciate each other and create vibrant connection.
  • How to communicate with ease, and dissolve conflict.

The “Foundations” course is something we like to call a “Marriage Ministry in a Box” that churches offer to their life groups, small groups, or special 6 week marriage focus groups. Many life groups who use the program now will have 5-10 couples meeting in someone’s home every week for 6 or 12 weeks and have had incredible success.

Any leader can lead the Foundations Course. The Foundations Course is fully produced – every step has already been thought of, developed and planned for. It includes:

  • Leaders Guide: Breaks down every step of the process, detailed layout of the flow of each session, etc.
  • Leaders Coaching Video: This is a video training for Foundations leaders to prep them to lead a group of couples through the program.
  • Couples Workbooks: These are beautiful workbooks that you can either purchase or print yourselves!
  • Video Lessons: Every week contains a video lesson taught personally by Austin and Rachel.

Custom Options: If you can articulate the needs of your Church as it pertains to marriage ministry, we can come up with a solution for you.


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