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When couples become more deeply connected, other issues and challenges start to magically dissolve and dissipate within the new found connection. And we want nothing more than to see you experience more “in-love” moments in your relationship.

WARNING: Side effects may include more fireworks in the bedroom.


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May 8, 2023

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November 2, 2022


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Sylvester Bartos

Surprisingly FUN!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 29, 2021

I found the site from a Facebook Ad, read through it, and then purchased the Because Marriage Matters Cards for my newly married husband and I, as well as my son who recently got engaged and will be married shortly. Just last night after dinner, we opened the cards and began ‘playing’. I was so blessed and actually surprised when I kept seeing my husband laughing, joking, being honest with his answers, and making sure I thoroughly answered my questions!!! We had SUCH a good time. The way the ‘game’ is suggested to be played is quite simple, not very intrusive, and is just a lot of fun!

Thanks so much for empowering us to become more acquainted as a couple, and perhaps go places we’ve never been before!!!

John & Donna

As a counselor for over 40 years, I recommend these cards 100%.

Rated 5 out of 5
October 25, 2021

I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Missouri and I have over 40 yrs experience in the counseling field. So, I have seen a lot of supposed “helps” for couple seeking healing and growth…ALOT!!!!! But the “Connection Cards” by Because Marriage Matters, can truly change your marriage!

The “Connection Cards” are user friendly. You will find you and your partner talking at a depth you have never experienced. It’s true! The “Connection Cards” can get you out of the “relational rut” and back onto a rich and satisfying relational trajectory.

If you are in couple’s counseling I recommend you get the “Connection Cards.” If you are not in couple’s counseling I recommend you get the cards. If you are feeling hopeless or hopeful about your love relationship GET THE CARDS! I promise that you will not regret it. Don’t wait any longer. Got get your “Connection Cards” now and begin experiencing a rich and satisfying relationship! You deserve to have an intimate and solid relationship!

Dr. Paul Carlisle

More About The Connection Cards

Hey there, Austin and Rachel here. We’re so thankful you’ve landed here on this page to learn more about the Connection Cards. We’ve been helping couples just like you create more connection, intimacy and joy in their marriage for years now. We do this through our online program, in-person events and now, through a fun, easy-to-play game called Connection Cards.

We believe that without connection, experiencing deep healing, intimacy, joy and other benefits of a committed relationship are impossible. When you’re connected, anything is possible.

We’ve had the privilege of learning from the best in the world when it comes to relationships, healing, personal growth and more. We would be remiss to not mention some of our most treasured influences:

The life and ministry of Jesus Christ

Dr. Paul Carlisle // Hope Counseling

Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks // The Hendricks Institute

Dr. Harville Hendrix // IMAGO Therapy

Dr. Dan Siegel // Interpersonal Neurobiology

WARNING: Side effects may include a connected and FUN relationship.


Disclaimer:  Though having received training by licensed counselors and therapists, Austin and Rachel Holt are NOT licensed counselors or therapists. They do not guarantee any results from the use of the products and programs. You hereby release Austin and Rachel Holt, as well as Because Marriage Matters from any and all liability as it relates to the use of their products or programs.

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