Meet the Team Behind

Because Marriage Matters®

Austin J. Holt
Co-Founder, Marriage Coach/Counselor

Meet Austin. Christian, Husband, Father and life hobbyist. He loves all things marriage, ministry, parenting, coffee, outdoors, etc. He loves doing deep, transformational work in the hearts, minds and souls of others so they can best show up exactly how God made them to. His love for people and for life is both contagious and energizing. 


Rachel K. Holt
Co-Founder, Marriage Coach/Counselor

Meet Rachel. Christian, Wife, Mother and lover of all things soft, flowy and fun. She loves marriage, ministry, parenting, reading, homesteading and singing. She loves helping committed couples level up their marriages so they can impact their families, communities and the whole world. 


Dr. Paul Carlisle
Staff Counselor/Therapist

Meet Dr. Paul Carlisle. Christian, Husband, Father, former Seminary Professor and Counselor. Paul is a staff Counselor on the team at Because Marriage Matters and brings a unique and valuable perspective, and offers all forms of counseling. 


Stephen & Caitlin Couture
Church Liaison / Customer Support Ninja

Meet Stephen and Caitlin. Faithful Christians, loving parents and lovers of travel. Stephen supports BMM in building relationships with Churches, while Caitlin is our Customer Support Ninja.  Stephen and Caitlin have been involved with BMM since day 1, and now play crucial roles in the business and community. They are even so cool that they share one email account. 


Ashley Hardy
Church Liaison & Events Manager
Ashley & her husband were part of the executive pastoral team at James River Church in Springfield MO from 2007-2013. During their time there, they oversaw all of adult ministry including church leaders hosting for the Designed for Life Women’s Conference. In 2013, they were a part of the lead team that launched Summit Park Church in Lee’s Summit MO. Ashley & her husband have a heart for ministry leaders & the local church to step in to all God has for them. Ashley focuses on helping Churches find the right products offered by Because Marriage Matters to help support their marriage ministry offerings, as well as manage events. ashley[at]
Chad & Jess Schumacher
Marketing & Product Managers

Meet Chad and Jessica. This Christian, Husband and Wife team are the Chief Marketers for Because Marriage Matters. If you found yourself here on our website, it's likely because of their genius. They are also the proud owners of