Why The 7 Soul Questions Marriage Devotional? – *Digital Download*

When we talk about the “soul” we get to this intangible, but felt place inside ourselves. We believe the soul is a meeting place, a connecting place between us and Yahweh. From the soul, we identify our essence or ‘self’, and from there, we learn to connect with God and our spouse through our heart, mind, personality and conscious will. When we ask questions that get our soul involved, we learn things about ourselves, and one of the keys to a successful marriage is learning
about ourselves.

Questions are powerful, because you are the one asking them. We can’t ask a question for you, and we can’t really answer them for you either. When we ask ourselves a question, it gives us the opportunity to source our own answer, contrast that answer with what Scripture tells us and what the Holy Spirit is telling us, and gives us an opportunity to reflect.

Soul questions lead to powerful change, reflection, and connection with God and our spouse.

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