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Austin and Rachel believe that Pre-Marital Counseling is absolustely vital to the success of your marriage “launch” and beyond. Studies have shown a 31% reduction in the chances of divorce for those who start and complete a quality marriage counseling program(Source: Scott Stanley, Family Journal of Psychology). Their session roadmap and curriculum are both highly effective, and a whole lot of fun. Austin and Rachel include the following in their unique and powerful program, Marriage Blueprint: 

  • (4) 60-90 Minute 2:2 Sessions covering Money, Sex, In-laws, “Daily Marriage Culture” and more.  (Valued at $800)
  • A deck Connection Cards (Valued at $27.99)
  • A copy of their book, “A Year of Marriage Connection” (Valued at $34.99)
  • Access to their “Marriage Foundations” course to be taken after the honeymoon; a 6 week video course with workbook. (Valued at $197.00)
  • & a few surprises too. (Priceless!)

Why does Austin and Rachel go all out for pre-marital and give such a great deal? Because they believe pre-marital is that important.

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