Great marriages don’t just happen. They are built.

And the building goes much more smoothly when you have a shared blueprint. In most cases though, we both have our own blueprint we inherited from the family we grew up in. This can lead to conflict that drains us and brings up all kinds of fears that we or our marriage are broken.

At Because Marriage Matters, we don’t think you are broken. In fact we think that everything you need to create an amazing marriage is inside you right now. So we created the Marriage Foundations course to help you create a shared blueprint and start building (or rebuilding) from the same page.

It’s a six week video course with a downloadable workbook. It works for marriages at any age or any stage, takes less time per week than one night of binge watching, and costs less than a trip to the grocery store. Don’t spend one more day working from different plans, create one together with the foundations course.

If you’re looking to build or re-build the foundation for the marriage of your dreams… Foundations is for you!

“This foundations course has been the most impactful and pivotal of our marriage. I now write out our marriage values 3-6 times a week and speak them daily. Because of that tiny habit, Neal and I have embodied the intimate, fun, and growth seeking couple we intend to be based on the values of our marriage! You have to take the foundations course for you, your mindset, and of course your spouse.”

Neal & Tamara

Marriage Foundations is not only thought provoking but so much fun! The resource walks couples through exercises and a vision that they can actually apply to their every day life and marriage. “

Jonathan & Ashley

“It helped us cultivate a mutual understanding of what direction we wanted to take our marriage and the type of foundation needed to do so. It was a pivotal program that helped us communicate and love each other better.”

Alex & Brooke

All of this and more…

+ Six week online video course takes only 1 hour per week to transform your marriage.
+ Create a shared vision, values, and agreements that will clarify your marriage, reduce conflict, and empower you to build the marriage and life you’ve been dreaming of.
+ Costs less than a trip to the grocery store and delivers lasting transformation.
+ Six date nights! The perfect mix of diving deep and having fun together. Sure to create more connection and intimacy.
+ Create the blueprint for the marriage of your dreams. Our process unlocks what is already inside you both.
+ WARNING: Side effects may include other couples constantly telling you “Wow, you guys are acting like you did on your honeymoon!”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

All Because Marriage Matters products and courses come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have challenges we’re here to support them. And if we can’t help you create the marriage growth you desire, you get a full refund. Your commitment to improving your marriage is a big deal, so we’ve removed all the financial risk.

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Why purchase the “Foundations” Course? 

Dear Reader,

We’re Austin and Rachel Holt, Marriage Coaches and founders of Because Marriage Matters.

On this page you have a special opportunity to create incredible change in your marriage – even if you or your spouse aren’t keen on “marriage work.” No matter the current state of your marriage, our method in the Marriage Foundations Course will be a game changer for you if you show up 100%.

We have learned that when couples understand foundational things like their values, they can then create a true vision for the marriage, and from there, a whole new world of connection and intimacy is found.

We created the Marriage Foundations Course for couples like you to experience all the God has in store for your marriage – and trust us, it’s incredible.

The course utilizes values and principles from our faith and various forms of cutting edge relationship psychology to effortlessly expand your connection with your spouse.

They have made a massive impact in our personal marriage and the marriages of our clients.

Imagine knowing the purpose of your marriage, the values it stands for, it’s VISION, and having a clear understanding and plan for what you want your marriage to look like on a day-to-day basis and into the future.

Our desire is that this course serves as a simple, yet powerful way to uncover the best version of your marriage possible.

We hope to see your names come across our inbox as “signed up” – watch for some emails from us, too! Welcome to the ranks of couples who invest in their marriage and create exactly what they desire.


– Austin and Rachel Holt

Founders, Because Marriage Matters

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