The Man of God: A 13 week journey toward living in your fullest spiritual, emotional and interpersonal potential as a man of God

The Man of God is an 8.5×11, beautifully designed interactive book (also available in the standard Kindle format) formatted to inspire and activate the reader on a journey to understanding a man of God’s core traits, philosophies and callings. Author Austin J. Holt carefully created a proven framework and pace to empower and equip his readers to deepen their faith, become more self-aware and gain practical skills, routines and strategies to enjoy an intentional, focused and significant life. Over the course of 39 weekly readings and reflections, Austin invites you to try on a trait, philosophy and calling—and then commit to making that part of your character and daily life. Derived from his work in transformational coaching, each tenant of The Man of God has been tested, refined and crafted to give readers exactly what they need to examine who they are and re-examine who they desire to become and move forward with decisive action.

The Man of God book has been endorsed by pastors, Church leaders, Christian counselors, coaches and men who have fully stepped into their identity as Men of God.

“Man of God is a must-read for any man who desires to be more like Christ. I love how the book is succinct and very palatable. It’s perfect for the busy man who wants to grow himself without adding a ton more to an already full schedule.”
– Jonathan Hardy, Co-founder of Leaders.Church

“One of the most powerful lessons I learned early on in ministry is that there is great power in processing. Processing truth deeply and applying it to our lives practically is one of the main ways we grow. For a lot of us guys, spiritual growth can seem abstract. We need practical solutions. We need it to be simple. We need to know how. In Man of God, Austin gives every guy the truth of who God is calling them to be as well as the tools to process and make practical steps toward truly becoming a man of God. A must read for every man who is serious about taking his walk with the Lord to the next level!”
– Scott Obremski, Lead Pastor at Summit Park Church

“The Man of God Training is like going on a journey with a good friend toward a deeper, wiser, happier, God filled self. The format and approach is simple, yet powerful, and will undoubtedly yield incredible results for all those who seek a life of purpose.”
– Robin Todd, M.S., Founder of Mindful-Momentum, Inc.

“Every man, when they move beyond the modern noise, feels in their heart a constant stirring and invitation to the great beyond. A yearning for something more. A call to adventure, purpose and meaning that pierces straight into one’s heart and soul.

Austin lays out the simple and practical roadmap to not only connect with God to find and unleash that calling…but also the simple steps to walk it out consistently through whatever storms life may bring.

A beautiful fusion of conscious spiritualism and Christianity grounded in simple and practical steps that men can easily understand and walk out in any season of life. A must read tool for any Man of God.”
– Jonathan Heston, Author of The Unlimited Self

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