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Success Stories - BMM

Loving BMM!

I’m SO glad we joined BMM! The challenges and conversations are awesome, and my spouse and I are closer now than ever before – if often feels like we’re honeymooning all over again(both emotionally and physically 😉 ) Because of BMM we have been able to start unpacking some heavy baggage and work towards getting rid of it all together. I never thought that was possible until this program. This has been one of those ‘I never knew what I was missing’ things. Thank you for all you do!

P & C

A New Level of Connection.

“If you want greater connection and intimacy in your marriage relationship, we can speak high enough for how much Austin and Rachel has assisted us!”

Meredith & Justin Boggs

Now We Understand Each Other.

“Both my husband and I have gained so much from being a part of Because Marriage Matters. We’ve been married for 5 years and have a very strong marriage, but still have so much to learn! The live Q&A calls have been so much fun, and huge eye openers to us. It’s so freeing to learn to accept yourself as a masterpiece, not something flawed to work through, and also to learn how your spouse thinks and feels. It gives you the ability to truly love them as you were meant to.

Having the BMM community to go to for wisdom, support and prayer requests is like going to a safe, quiet place in the middle of the craziness and apathy or every day life. To put it concisely, a blessing.”

Stephen & Caitlin

Finally…REAL Communication!

We’ve had some very needed and deep conversations lately. Topics that aren’t fun to talk about, but we both needed to. It has really made me feel closer to him than EVER. I feel like a light bulb has gone off and we’ve opened up a whole new level in our marriage.”

Kirsten & Ben

HUGE Breakthroughs in Our Marriage.

Our biggest breakthrough was quick equals young. It was like a light-bulb came on when we trained on that. As for our marriage, it’s helped us to realize that we aren’t alone in this and we aren’t the only ones going through what we’ve gone through. It’s taught us how to express what we are feeling and why in an appropriate manner that respects your spouse. The support from the Ladies group has been AMAZING too! THANK YOU Austin and Rachel!

Jenny & Collin

Stronger Than Ever.

BMM has opened new ways of thinking and viewing which we had never thought of before. It has allowed us to learn and grow stronger in our marriage and as individuals. One of the biggest things I have taken from it so far is learning ways to own my emotions. I have been able to pause, process, feel, and allow my response to be graceful and understanding. Before it was easy to be caught up in emotions and blame talk. Now I have learned what it means for both of us to each take 100% responsibility. WONDERFUL!

Vince & Sheena

So Much Transformation That My PARENTS Joined BMM!

Our marriage has transformed so much that one of our parents asked us, “Wow, what has made such a difference in your marriage?”

We told them about BMM and they joined, and now experiencing the same results!

We’re so thankful for BMM!

Jake & Allyn

Emotional Transparency.

My husband was frustrated about me not being affectionate. I used the line “I’m actually feeling disconnected from you” and gave him a long hug. It worked like a charm? calmed him down and allowed us to have a better dialogue about the matter.

Patrick & Tanika

Our Marriage Game Changer!

BMM has been a game changer for us. Before we started this program we had no idea the potential our marriage could have. We have always had a good marriage and a strong one but but BMM has really given us the right tools to make our marriage blossom. Both my husband and I have learned a lot of our self and one another, even though we have been together for 13 years. It is an amazing thing to watch your spouse really dive into your marriage and implement what we are learning in BMM. We have talked about topics we have NEVER talked about before. We have been more understanding of each others emotions and the “why” behind how we handle conflict or topics. We are able to talk about our feelings, that we never did before and so much more! We just really are working TOGETHER through everything and pouring out the love we have for one another. This has been such a blessing and SO excited to grow even more with the tools of BMM! Our marriage has changed for the good. Thank you Austin and Rachel!

Mallory & Jared

So Much Easier.

And I can’t tell you how much it deepened our connection.  We are both “polite” and don’t want to complain or cause friction, so sometimes we both had feelings we didn’t share.  Your challenge opened up new communication between us.  Suddenly it is so much easier, much less scary, to show our feelings and to talk about things we wouldn’t have before.

Dave & Leslie

Step into Freedom!

If you’re like me, the only reason you haven’t joined BMM is because you already know the junk in your life that you refuse to deal with. I knew that getting accountability with Austin would lead to greater accountability and transparency in my marriage and once I had that, joining BMM was just the icing on the cake. Think of it like an extended warranty for you marriage! So what are you wanting for? Join BMM today because the only thing you have to lose is your junk! Step into Freedom today!

Jake & Allie

“Middle-Aged” and Our Marriage is Thriving!

I think a lot of middle-aged people assume everything is great in their marriage if they don’t have any, ”big issues”. Alexis and I did not have anything glaring in our relationship however we both knew that we did not have good examples growing up on either side and that we could do better. It was so great for me as a man to find Because Marriage Matters to help me truly communicate and be able to open up and better understand the responses I get from my spouse and all kinds of different situations. When you are truly ready to communicate on a whole new level with your spouse I cannot recommend BMM enough!

Stephen & Alexis

Connect in the every day.

We got to do our date night and it was so much fun! Idk why but this date night just felt different. Like it was really purposeful. We had a blast.

The best part of this months challenges- the date night and non sexual touch. (However, it has often led to sexual touch too😅). But it’s been a nice way to connect in the everyday conversations with simple touches saying “I love you and I care.” It’s really meant a lot to me.”

Courtney & Alex

I recommend this for any marriage.

We joined this group Because Marriage Matters. Like most men I(Devin) was very hesitant and prideful. What man wants to admit that he has room for improvement or that he may be failing his spouse in some way or another. However if you truly love your wife, and truly love yourself you would want the BEST marriage possible. We all have faults and we all have areas we need to improve. Whether it be communication or vulnerability or my favorite accepting “Responsibility” and not casting blame or feeling shame. This was scary, but it has been so worth it. 

With Austin and Rachel’s teachings and wisdom we have grown to look at each other and love each other a lot in just a few short weeks. The exercises are engaging and enlightening. There is so much logic and truth behind everything we do. It is literally like being at a sermon hearing a message that was seemingly placed just for you. I recommend this for any marriage. Even if your already happy, this will only amplify it. You will be amazed on how much happier you actually could be. Never settle. Because Marriage Matters.

Devin & Tricia

Saving marriages worldwide.

I can say the first 2 weeks were amazing because it literally helped us to establish what we want our core values and marriage vision to be.
Your videos are amazing and please know we share this with everyone in our church. Your ministry is reaching hundreds of people and saving marriages worldwide.
Victor & Kimmie


...and these are just a few! 


If its time that you said "I'm All In" when it comes to your marriage...


Say YES to joining BMM today.


$50/month. No contracts, 100% money back guarantee.


Here's what you get when you join Because Marriage Matters:


Live Relationship Coaching and Q&As

Twice a month, Austin and Rachel go LIVE with any and all couples who want to join in on the action. During those live video chats, they dive deep into their own marriage(showing couples like YOU how they work out THEIR marriage tangles), and use those same techniques with any other couple who wants to participate too.

There's typically time for raw Q&A as well where you get answers to all of your deepest marriage questions. *Live sessions are recorded so you can watch them later as well!*


Weekly Marriage Boosters

Every month, Austin and Rachel will send you (4) Marriage Boosters. These are powerful, simple and easy to implement marriage boosting techniques for you and your spouse. These boosters cover the following (4) areas:

  • Emotional & Self
  • Creative & Adventurous
  • Sexual
  • Spiritual

Imagine every month receiving 1 method to boost each of those areas of your marriage!


Guest Expert Trainings

Every month, Austin and Rachel seek out experts from around the world, and hire them to produce an EXCLUSIVE training for BMM Members only.

They believe it's important that a variety of perspective and expertise are given in the program so your marriage can grow in numerous ways, from numerous angles.



Some of us love to use that left brain when we learn. So, Austin and Rachel have included powerful courses they've written for you to take online, or simply print and enjoy going through them like you would a good book.

These courses include simple, powerful and easy to implement action items and areas of reflection, so you can grow your marriage and grow YOU.



For those who want the additional benefit of community, Austin and Rachel have created and maintain a private community for all members of BMM to join IF THEY WANT.

Some couples like to go through marriage growth alone, and some like to learn from the experience of other couples. Sometimes, it's nice to know that there are other couples out there who are going through what you're going through too.


The Library of All Past Content

Yes, you read that right.

As a member of BMM, you get access to every LIVE Q&A, guest expert training, Marriage Booster and Course we've ever produced. This library is valued at thousands of dollars, and every piece of it could help you turn your marriage around today.

If ALL that happened by joining BMM was you enjoying a connected, fulfilling and intimate marriage...Would it be worth a try?

What if we take all the risk for you?  If you join BMM and show up 100%, and within the first 30 days your marriage hasn't changed in HUGE ways for the better, you get all of money back, no questions asked.


Questions? Check out our F.A.Q below or email us at: info@becausemarriagematters.com

  • Q: I am busy, will I have time to "keep up"?

    A: Yes, you can utilize any of the trainings and resources of BMM at your own pace and schedule. If you're committed to seeing your marriage grow and thrive, BMM will find a natural place at the top of your priority list! 😉

  • Q: What if I miss the LIVE coaching and Q/As?

    A: No worries, we record all of them and put them inside your personal BMM dashboard so you can login, watch them, and track your progress even!

  • Q: What do you teach on?

    A: We focus a huge amount of time and energy talking about emotional intelligence, communication, transparency, appreciation and personal healing. We believe that 95% of marriage "issues" are born directly from the unhealed and unloved places inside each spouse. Healthy teammates make a healthy team! 

  • Q: Is this a "Christian" program?

    A: Rachel and I(Austin) are very devoted Christians, and the basis for our core values stem from the Christian faith. We believe those values, along with how God designed the human psyche, mind, heart and body reveal the core paths to finding deep personal healing and a co-commited, co-creative, and powerful marriage. 

  • Q: What if my spouse doesn't want to join?

    A: That's okay. We've had a ton of individuals join and bring their spouses in down the road! It's a great way to show them you are willing to go first when it comes to investing in your marriage, and becoming responsible for what you bring to it. 

  • Q: Our marriage is already pretty good - will we gain anything?

    A: Even better. We don't believe you have to be sick to focus on the health of your marriage. It gets better as it gets better, always. 

  • Q: How do we do all the trainings?

    A: As soon as you join, you'll receive an email with a custom log-in to your very of BMM Dashboard. There, you can access all the trainings, and track your progress in each of them! It's a platform we built based on the feedback of tons of couples in our program.

Really, what are you waiting for? Let's do this.

Debunking Unreliable Marriage Advice

“Your marriage is JUST between you and your spouse and no one can give insight into it except the two of you” This is a prime example of weird marriage advice that our culture has learned to just “accept” as gospel truth, and it’s not the truth. At all. You cannot solve a problem from …

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Today’s Marriage Minute

// Complaints are hidden desires. Instead of complaining, stop and ask yourself “What do I really want?” For example, complaining that your spouse came home later than agreed and never called can be shifted to: “When you are running late, I want you to call me so I can adjust my expectations/planning for your arrival …

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Today’s Marriage Minute

// Where is the FRUIT in your life? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When our marriage isn’t growing, it might be because there are other things that are more important to us. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Yeah, that is a tough truth to consider, but the proof of what we care most about usually lies in the fruit we see growing in …

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Today’s Marriage Minute

// We get it. You’re afraid to pop the hood. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You’re afraid that opening up means you’re going to have to experience pain. And maybe you’ve been given evidence in the past that says that’s true. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But not here. We’re here to tell you that if you and your spouse both want it, …

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