We joined this group Because Marriage Matters. Like most men I(Devin) was very hesitant and prideful. What man wants to admit that he has room for improvement or that he may be failing his spouse in some way or another. However if you truly love your wife, and truly love yourself you would want the BEST marriage possible. We all have faults and we all have areas we need to improve. Whether it be communication or vulnerability or my favorite accepting “Responsibility” and not casting blame or feeling shame. This was scary, but it has been so worth it. 

With Austin and Rachel’s teachings and wisdom we have grown to look at each other and love each other a lot in just a few short weeks. The exercises are engaging and enlightening. There is so much logic and truth behind everything we do. It is literally like being at a sermon hearing a message that was seemingly placed just for you. I recommend this for any marriage. Even if your already happy, this will only amplify it. You will be amazed on how much happier you actually could be. Never settle. Because Marriage Matters.