BMM has been a game changer for us. Before we started this program we had no idea the potential our marriage could have. We have always had a good marriage and a strong one but but BMM has really given us the right tools to make our marriage blossom. Both my husband and I have learned a lot of our self and one another, even though we have been together for 13 years. It is an amazing thing to watch your spouse really dive into your marriage and implement what we are learning in BMM. We have talked about topics we have NEVER talked about before. We have been more understanding of each others emotions and the “why” behind how we handle conflict or topics. We are able to talk about our feelings, that we never did before and so much more! We just really are working TOGETHER through everything and pouring out the love we have for one another. This has been such a blessing and SO excited to grow even more with the tools of BMM! Our marriage has changed for the good. Thank you Austin and Rachel!