About The 2023 Thrive for Life Retreat

“My wife and have been married for 14 years and have four young kids. Thrive for Life Weekend was the perfect assessment and reset for our marriage.  I thought that we knew everything possible about each other, but over the course of those three days we gained a better understanding of each other’s past hurts and current motivations.  We took away communication skills that impact the way that we relate to each other on a daily basis. Attending Thrive for Life Weekend is an investment in your marriage that will pay significant dividends.” – Michael and Lindsay Fry


“We have been very involved in implementing the Because Marriage Matters concepts over the past year, so I didn’t think that the Thrive For Life event would cover much that we hadn’t already learned. Boy, was I wrong!!! Being there in person with other couples just as passionate about growth created a safe space to share and learn. My husband and I were able to go deeper than ever before, and identify things that we didn’t even know were holding us back. We put the cards covering the steps to techniques on our fridge, and that has really helped me stay focused and know how to address things before they cause disconnect in our relationship. I’m so glad we decided to attend this event, and will definitely attend as many as we can in the future!” – Stephen and Caitlin Couture


Elevate Your Marriage: Experience the Thrive for Life Retreat

Welcome to the ultimate marriage transformation experience designed for driven, Christian couples who are already invested and committed in their relationship but yearn for new levels of connection and growth.

The Thrive for Life Retreat goes beyond anything you’ve ever encountered before, unlocking new depths in your connection with your spouse that you’ve always dreamed of. Yes, gentlemen, this is for you too!

Led by Austin and Rachel Holt, the passionate founders of Because Marriage Matters, this immersive 3-day event will completely renew and level up your marriage, taking you both to depths and heights you never knew existed. (We can guarantee that!)

Austin and Rachel understand that even Christian couples who deeply care about their marriage may face hidden struggles, where at times, the journey can feel more like a battle than a blessing. It’s frustrating when disagreements turn into daunting challenges, far removed from the harmonious partnership you envisioned and know God has called you to.

Because more than likely, if you’re reading this, you are fully committed and devoted to your marriage and wonder why sometimes big resistance or “old stories” seem to call the shots and mess up moments of flow and bliss together. 

See, we’ve realized there are two types of Christian couples. One, those who are after the “Great American Marriage” and the other, who are after the “Conscious Christian Marriage”.

The “Great American Marriage” couple is motivated by LOOKING like everything is awesome, and they “keep the marriage humming along” because the fear and shame of divorce is overwhelming.

The “Conscious Christian Couple” is motivated by actually building an incredible marriage because they believe they are called by God to do so, and because anything less simply isn’t an option because they know there are levels above levels in marriage. They know their impact will multiply in every area of their lives as their partnership deepens and strengthens.  

If you yearn to learn the practical, yet advanced skills to navigate conflict, communicate in a way that fosters genuine understanding, experience authentic breakthroughs and lasting connection with your spouse, all while having fun and re-igniting sparks, then this event is for you.

God has not designed your marriage to just be “good” or even “great”. He has called us all to abundant lives, and if you refuse to settle for anything less than that abundance in your marriage, then this event is for you.

Even moreso, if you and your spouse have a significant calling on your life in ministry, business, raising humans, leadership, etc, and want to fully step into that calling together, with nothing in your relationship holding you back, then this event is for you. 

Clearing all your unhealed or misunderstood “stuff” that is holding you back will enable you both to fully step into all that God has for your marriage! Which is beyond your wildest dreams! How do we know? Because we, Austin and Rachel, were there once. We’ve always desired the BEST for our marriage, yet there was a time where we faced resistance and painful disconnect. We always thought there was something wrong with our faith, or our prayer life, or maybe with God’s plan for us, but we realized that a powerful marriage requires more than just praying, reading the Bible and having faith… it requires those things along with action, tactics, self-awareness, mentorship, radical honesty, responsibility and healing.

The marriage we are enjoying today….. we couldn’t have even imagined back then! We had no idea it could get THIS good! But it all started with the knowing – “God has more for us, and we are going all in on pursuing it!”. And now, because of all we have studied, applied, learned, and helped couples like yourself with, we are so passionate in helping other driven christian couples unlock the same new levels in their marriages! Because YOUR impact is huge, but your impact as a couple is even greater and has eternal ripple effects that will outlive your legacy.

That’s why we’ve created the Thrive for Life Retreat Weekend.

We believe in the power of experiential learning, where transformation can occur in an engaging, time-collapsing, yet playful way. If you want a “sit down and listen to a speaker all week” type retreat, then this event is NOT for you! This event is not about acquiring information(which you WILL acquire lots of new information!); it’s about actively engaging in a supportive, sacred and intentional environment alongside other dedicated couples who share the same aspirations for their marriages too. When you fill a room with couples who are all relentlessly committed to excellence in their marriage, mountains are moved. 

And guess what? Our retreat is also FUN! We enjoy surprises and special treatment for our couples, which is why we call this “half-transformation, half-vacation”. You will have both times of growth AND times of rest, fun and enjoyment together. 

There are only 2 spots remaining for our July 2023 event. Even if you’re not local to MO, worry not, because getting here is a breeze. Couples fly in from all over, which is why the event is located only 25 minutes from our (brand new!) airport, Kansas City International Airport. 

If you are a driven Christian couple who doesn’t settle for just “good”, then fill out the form below to see if you are the right fit for the retreat. We look forward to hearing from you,

–Austin and Rachel


Next Event:

Location: Independence, MO (20 minutes from Kansas City, MO)

Size: – 8 Couples

The Details: 

  • 2 Nights 3 Day Stay
  • Meals & room included
  • Our exclusive pre-training THRIVE course
  • The BMM Manual
  • Special surprises
  • Life changing growth
  • Fun activities
  • Intimate community
  • 1/2 “Transformation” 1/2 “Vacation”
  • Leave better than ever.


Interested? Here’s what happens next…


Apply using the form below, and either Austin or Rachel will contact you to get up a call to go over details of the event, and to make sure it’s the right fit for you and your spouse! 

Thrive for Life Weekend Application