About The 2023 Thrive for Life Retreat

“My wife and have been married for 14 years and have four young kids. Thrive for Life Weekend was the perfect assessment and reset for our marriage.  I thought that we knew everything possible about each other, but over the course of those three days we gained a better understanding of each other’s past hurts and current motivations.  We took away communication skills that impact the way that we relate to each other on a daily basis. Attending Thrive for Life Weekend is an investment in your marriage that will pay significant dividends.” – Michael and Lindsay Fry


“We have been very involved in implementing the Because Marriage Matters concepts over the past year, so I didn’t think that the Thrive For Life event would cover much that we hadn’t already learned. Boy, was I wrong!!! Being there in person with other couples just as passionate about growth created a safe space to share and learn. My husband and I were able to go deeper than ever before, and identify things that we didn’t even know were holding us back. We put the cards covering the steps to techniques on our fridge, and that has really helped me stay focused and know how to address things before they cause disconnect in our relationship. I’m so glad we decided to attend this event, and will definitely attend as many as we can in the future!” – Stephen and Caitlin Couture


Because Marriage Matters Thrive for Life Retreat is an event like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

It will unlock new depths in your relationship with your spouse that you’ve only dreamed of. (Guys – even for you!)

Lead by the founders of Because Marriage Matters, Austin and Rachel Holt, the Thrive for Life Retreat is a 3 day event that will completely reset your entire marriage to be an experience you both absolutely LOVE.

Here is the issue. We’ve found couples are secretly struggling. Their marriage is a struggle more than a blessing. And it’s so far from what they dream of or expect with their lover.

And you might relate to the feeling of wondering why every time you and your spouse disagree it feels like a battle… or way harder than it should be.

You feel misunderstood. Not heard and confused. And probably tired of it. 
And before you know it you’re throwing gasoline on a fire that has nothing to do with the original discussion. Old wounds surface and you’re both left feeling extremely disconnected, confused and scared.
Secretly, deep down, all you want is the ability to enjoy easy, and free flowing discussions with your spouse about what matters to you and to be able to share openly without fear – even when you disagree or even if one or both of you is feeling upset.
You want to feel understood, seen, intensely connected. 
You want to feel safe to share your feelings and that they are never “too much”.
You want to know HOW to move through conflict, HOW to speak in a way that’s understood, HOW to experience breakthrough and authentic, lasting connection with your spouse.
 This is why we’ve created the Thrive for Life Weekend.

Because this transformation can happen quickly and easily – IF we dive into experiential learning instead of just informational learning.

Not only will you learn the keys to completely changing the relationship, but you’ll experience them for yourself in a fun, safe, and supportive environment (our own personal home!) alongside other couples committed to experiencing the same in their marriages.

(plus…it’s FUN!) 
Now, right now, there are only 5 spots remaining for our July event.
We have several couples coming in from other parts of the U.S, so if you’re not local to MO, don’t worry, it’s easy to get here!

Come join this powerful experience, and walk away with the tools and relationship transformation that can sustain an incredible marriage for life.

These 3 days will change everything and unlock the marriage you both deeply desire, but are now afraid to even hope for.

If you’re even a little interested, the next steps is to fill out the form below to apply for a quick call. On the call, we’ll see exactly where you’re at, where you want to go – and if we believe (from our experience from helping tons of couples) if this event can help you both get what you want out of your marriage.

This call is absolutely free – and even if the event isn’t a good fit for you, the call alone will be a tremendous value to you both.

Here are the details for the event with the form below.

Fill out the form, and we’ll talk soon!

— Austin and Rachel


Next Event:

Location: Independence, MO (20 minutes from Kansas City, MO)

Size: – 8 Couples

The Details: 

  • 2 Nights 3 Day Stay
  • Meals & room included
  • Our exclusive pre-training THRIVE course
  • The BMM Manual
  • Special surprises
  • Life changing growth
  • Fun activities
  • Intimate community
  • 1/2 “Transformation” 1/2 “Vacation”
  • Leave better than ever.


Interested? Here’s what happens next…


Apply using the form below, and either Austin or Rachel will contact you to get up a call to go over details of the event, and to make sure it’s the right fit for you and your spouse! 

Thrive for Life Weekend Application